Why Pray?

Unpublished writings by the former chaplain to the shrine of Julian of Norwich

Robert Llewelyn

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‘Robert Llewelyn was an exceptional priest … a great man of prayer who in a quiet way simply transformed the landscape of countless people.’

Rowan Williams

What is prayer, and why should we pray?

Through this new collection of previously unpublished writings, the late Robert Llewelyn, one of the wisest spiritual teachers of our time, reveals how prayer is beneficial not only for each one of us but for the wider world. His guidance and insights from a lifetime of spiritual discovery include the lessons we can learn from fourteenth-century visionary Lady Julian of Norwich.

Here can be found his thoughts on silent and contemplative prayer, prayer as praise, use of the Rosary in prayer, praying for ourselves and others, and the fruits of prayer. Fr Robert’s words encourage us to know how much we are loved and show us how we can draw nearer to the divine through prayer.

Why Pray? has been compiled and edited by Denise Treissman, who was a friend of Fr Robert and now his literary executor. It has been illustrated by Norfolk artist Jules Allen.

Robert Llewelyn was an Anglican priest, a retreat leader, an educator, a speaker and a spiritual director, and for many years Chaplain of the Shrine of Lady Julian of Norwich. He wrote ten books on prayer, spirituality, Julian of Norwich and the saints and was editor of the bestselling Enfolded in Love series. He died, aged 98, in February 2008.
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