Spirituality in Photography

Taking pictures with deeper vision

Philip Richter

978 0 232 53293 7
Paperback |120 pp |216 x 135 mm
Price: £9.99

‘This book should encourage and challenge a wide audience to engage spiritually in something that is now an everyday activity in a digital age.’

Dr Bex Lewis, author of Raising Children in a Digital Age

‘Philip Richter’s insights can be of assistance to the amateur photographer and the personal quest for meaning in the contemporary environment.’

Brother Patrick Moore, Scholar in Residence, Sarum College

‘A deceptively simple book, in which technical knowledge is made accessible and spiritual life made to seem more possible.’

Vernon White, Canon Theologian, Westminster Abbey

Millions of photos are taken every day across the world. Some are just snapshots. Others are more carefully crafted and have the capacity to deepen our vision and sharpen our sense of what life is truly about. Spirituality in Photography explores how photography can offer unique perspectives on the self, the world and what we live by. Readers are invited to take photos more slowly, reframe their gaze, allow themselves to be fully present, and let their photos tell a story - this includes a section on how photography can offer new perspectives on the Bible. The book also explores how photography can help readers meditate on mystery and tune into their own ‘rule of life’. Spirituality in Photography offers a range of ideas for readers to try out with their camera or camera phone and invites them on a journey of discovery, as they allow their photography and their spirituality to inspire each other.

Philip Richter PhD is a Methodist minister, currently serving as a Ministry Development Officer in the British Connexional Team. He is a keen amateur photographer and runs courses and writes about photography and spirituality. He co-wrote Gone But Not Forgotten (DLT: 1998).
ISBNs: 9780232532937 978-0-232-53293-7 Title: spirituality in photography