Why Interfaith?

Stories, Reflections and Challenges from recent engagements in Northern Europe

Andrew Wingate and Pernilla Myrelid

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‘Those who have contributed these essays are practitioners who have made the Kingdom of God visible in the patient, demanding and creative task of bridge-building between people of different faiths and communities of different creeds at a time when the Church is at risk of becoming introspective in secular Europe. This work is undertaken ecumenically, bringing together Christian churches in Scandinavia, Britain and Ireland, in a partnership which strengthens and encourages the building of the Kingdom internationally.

‘This is therefore a crucial work at a critical point. It is a response to God's call to resist hate and fear and become a blessing to others regardless of their faith, honouring God's name and seeking his Kingdom on earth.’

Tim Stevens CBE, former Bishop of Leicester

‘May the stories and experiences presented here encourage and empower others to carry on the good work. Good interfaith work will strengthen our love of God, neighbour and creation. It will help strangers to live together as good neighbours, and seek the best for their communities. As Martin Luther wrote, “The world is full of God. In every alley, at your own door, you find Christ. Do not stare into heaven.” May God bless us all in our efforts towards shalom-salaam.’

Antje Jackelen, Archbishop, Church of Sweden

Why Interfaith? presents over forty inspiring examples of how people of different faiths come together in order to meet the challenges of our lives and of the world. It comprises contributions from a wide range of people working in interfaith relations in countries within the Porvoo Communion of churches of Northern Europe and the British Isles. Why Interfaith? is a joint project between the Anglican Church in the British Isles and the Church of Sweden, with contributions from the Lutheran Churches of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, and is offered to all Christians in Europe and beyond as an encouragement to go and do likewise.

ISBNs: 9780232532340 978-0-232-53234-0 Title: why interfaith ISBNs: 9780232533217 978-0-232-53321-7 Title: why interfaith