A Body Broken For A Broken People

Divorce, Remarriage and the Eucharist

Francis J. Moloney

978 0 232 53204 3
Paperback |192 pp |216 x 135 mm
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‘I rejoice to see an exegete taking a courageous look at a pastoral problem. … Francis Moloney invites us not to settle for acquired positions of strength. They must always be challenged with the demands of the Gospel message.’

Xavier Leon-Dufour

‘This New Testament theology of Eucharist is Moloney’s gift to the Church, and especially her Bishops, in pondering issues of worthiness in the brokenness of all our lives.’

Mary Coloe

‘Francis Moloney demonstrates that … an essentially unfinished Bible needs to be set within the still larger context of the Church’s interpretation of Scripture through history, the never-ending reading that we call Tradition.’

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Francis J. Moloney’s A Body Broken for a Broken People has become a classic study of what the New Testament reveals about the Eucharistic practice of the early Church. Completely revised and extended to address contemporary pastoral issues in light of Pope Francis’s Synod on the Family, this substantially revised edition examines the New Testament’s discussion of divorce, remarriage, and access to the Eucharistic table. Through a close reading of the New Testament texts, Professor Moloney shows that, without fail, they indicate that the Eucharist is not a reward for the perfect, but God’s gracious nourishment for the weak.

A Body Broken for a Broken People provides fresh insights from the Scriptures into the purpose of the Eucharist in the Christian community, Eucharistic hospitality, and especially what it means for those who have divorced and remarried. It is also an exemplary case study of courageously reading the New Testament with fresh eyes, and contributing exegetical insight to a responsible examination of the Church’s pastoral practices.

Francis J. Moloney is an acclaimed Australian priest and academic. He is the author of many significant books on theology and currently Professorial Fellow at Australian Catholic University.
ISBNs: 9780232532043 978-0-232-53204-3 Title: a body broken for a broken people