A Kind of Sleepwalking

And Waking Up To Life

Judy Hirst

978 0 232 53134 3
eBook |128 pp

‘A Kind of Sleepwalking opens our eyes to an often unseen truth: that we tend to go through life without experiencing it in its fullness. With sensitivity, humour, biblical example, anecdote and huge doses of realism, Judy Hirst helps us to recognise when the realities of life might break in and wake us up but also challenges us to see them, even the most difficult situations, as opportunities for growth.’

Caroline Welby

‘This is a wise and wonderful book: challenging and life-affirming but also funny and very moving. Judy Hirst leads us by the hand
through the landscape of human life, gently pointing out all we miss as we sleepwalk our way through this busy world.’

Baroness Maeve Sherlock

A lot of us can feel at different times as though we are sleepwalking through life, perhaps opting for a safe narrow path which neither challenges nor hurts us.

Equally, there are moments of truth; moments of being woken up. A realisation both that how we have been living has a lack and that we are in the presence of something which is beyond and other. Sometimes such moments are forced by the hard things of life: grief, loss, suffering, growing older but they may also arise when listening to Mozart, watching children play, looking at the stars, sitting by a waterfall or gazing into the eyes of the one we love.

In six simple chapters, Judy Hirst helps us to find these elusive moments and how the passing from sleepwalking to waking can lead us, not necessarily to conventional happiness, but to an authentic experience of life lived abundantly.

Judy Hirst is the Local Church Growth and Development Adviser for the Diocese of Durham, supporting local churches to grow in spirituality, discipleship and outreach.
ISBNs: 9780232531343 978-0-232-53134-3 Title: a kind of sleepwalking