Pope Francis: Life and Revolution

A Biography of Jorge Bergoglio

Elisabetta Pique

978 0 232 53164 0
Paperback |336 pp |198 x 126 mm
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978 0 232 53191 6
eBook |336 pp

'In Italy, they call him il Papa, which means The FATHER’.

Until his unprecedented 2013 election, author and friend Elisabetta Piqué called him Padre Jorge. He may have changed his name to become Pope Francis, but it did not change their friendship.

Written in a style that brings the man to life and reveals fascinating and decisive episodes that shed light on his influential character and personality, Pope Francis: Life and Revolution offers unique insights into how the Pope thinks and feels; his work for the poor; and his vision for the Church. Piqué reveals the personal side of Pope Francis – his freedom, courage, humility, humanity, and humour – and the profoundly spiritual influence his Jesuit formation has had on the man who now leads the Catholic Church.

Above all else, Pope Francis: Life and Revolution reveals a man consistent in his beliefs and actions. He is a spiritual leader unwavering in his love for God, whose inner joy and peace move him – and can inspire us – to serve the least, the last, and the lost.

Elisabetta Pique has been a correspondent in Italy and the Vatican for La Nación, Argentina’s main newspaper, since 1999. She was the only reporter to write that Cardinal Bergoglio, whom she has known since 2001, would be elected pope. Born in Florence, Italy, she was educated and grew up in Argentina. After obtaining a degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Catholic University of Buenos Aires, she began her journalistic career. She has reported on wars and conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, the Middle East, and major international events including the handover of Hong Kong to China.
ISBNs: 9780232531640 978-0-232-53164-0 Title: pope francis life and revolution ISBNs: 9780232531916 978-0-232-53191-6 Title: pope francis life and revolution