Silence: A User's Guide

Volume 1: Process

Maggie Ross

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Paperback |256 pp |228 x 155 mm
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‘Maggie writes out of a long and deep experience of silence. She is a sure guide, authoritative and scholarly – her bibliography is formidable. What a splendid gift to God's children everywhere.’

Desmond Tutu

‘Maggie Ross brings an extraordinary combination of practicality, scholarship and prayerful reflection to this remarkable book. Readers cannot fail to profit from its many explorations’.

Diarmaid MacCulloch

'This book is the work of one of the most independent and ruthlessly realistic religious writers of our time. It is a distillation of many years of labour and reflection, drawing on enormous resources of close scholarly reading, consistently penetrating and demanding, yet opening a door of vital understanding.'

Rowan Williams

This book, the first of a major two-volume work, exposes the processes by which silence can transfigure our lives—what Maggie Ross calls ‘the work of silence’; it describes how lives steeped in silence can transfigure other lives unawares. It shows how the work of silence was once understood to be the foundation of the teaching of Jesus, and how this teaching was once an intrinsic part of Western Christianity; it describes some of the methods by which the institution suppressed the work of silence, and why religious institutions are afraid of silence. Above all, this book shows that the work of silence gives us a way of being in the world that is more than we can ask for or imagine. Rowan Williams provides a foreword.

Maggie Ross is an Anglican solitary under vows to the Archbishop of Canterbury.
ISBNs: 9780232531480 978-0-232-53148-0 Title: silence a users guide ISBNs: 9780232531770 978-0-232-53177-0 Title: silence a users guide