The Vicar's FAQ

All you ever wanted to know about Christianity and the Church

Caroline Symcox

978 0 232 53104 6
eBook |208 pp

'This is a brilliantly conceived book which manages to combine easy access with earthy wisdom. It has more answers than most of us have questions – which is part of the fun. If trying to understand the life, beliefs and behaviour of the church seems like a personal assault course, this book is the answer.'

John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford

‘This is a brilliant introductory guide to all the perplexing issues, questions and puzzles one can face when trying to navigate through the highways and byways of church life. Essential reading for all those who need an instant map and compass for finding their way through the myriad maze of churches, deaneries and dioceses. A simple book on a complex subject is just what was needed.’

Martyn Percy, Principal of Ripon College Cuddesdon

Have you ever wondered …

Whether vicars really only work on Sundays?

What’s the difference between Catholic and Protestant, and which is the Church of England anyway?

What Christians really believe about sex, war or angels?

Why everyone’s so worked up about the question of same-sex marriage?

The Vicar’s FAQ aims to answer all those questions you always wanted to ask a vicar but either never dared to ask, never had the chance to ask or perhaps feared you might not get a straight answer! Caroline Symcox’s lively question-and-answer format provides a clear, contemporary introduction to the Christian faith and the workings of the Church of England: covering everything from what it’s like to be a vicar, how the Church developed and what Christians believe, to what they think on key ethical issues.

Caroline Symcox is a priest and curate at St Mary’s Church, Amersham. She is the published author of several science fiction audio dramas and short stories, as well as a number of critical essays, and enjoys exploring the dialogue between religion and science fiction.
ISBNs: 9780232531046 978-0-232-53104-6 Title: the vicars faq