With Hope In Our Hearts

God's reconciling love in a groundbreaking partnership

David Sheppard and Derek Worlock

978 0 232 53052 0

Since David Sheppard and Derek Worlock's previous book, Better Together published in 1988, six years in Merseyside had brought many about many changes. However, their unique partnership continued to deepen to their commitment to the gospel, to Liverpool and to social justice. With Hope In Our Hearts is in a fascinating insight into their combined thoughts on then contemporary issues, including ecumenism, urban regeneration, the tragedies of Hillsborough and James Bulger, apartheid and unemployment.

David Sheppard was Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, and chaired the Church of England Board for Social Responsibility. He was published several times, including his recently reissued autobiography Steps Along Hope Street (DLT: 2013). He died in 2005.
Derek Worlock was Roman Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool and Vice President of the Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference. He wrote several books including Give Me Your Hand and Bread Upon Waters.
ISBNs: 9780232530520 978-0-232-53052-0 Title: with hope in our hearts