Built as a City

God and the urban world today

David Sheppard

978 0 232 53098 8
eBook |384 pp

In this major study, so highly-rated at the time of publication (1974), David Sheppard, the then new Bishop of Liverpool, focuses on the big city and more particularly on those groups of citizens who feel most powerless and hemmed in. With themes as relevant today as they ever were, this is an essential title in understanding the role of the Church in inner-city life.

David Sheppard was Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, and chaired the Church of England Board for Social Responsibility. He was published several times, including his recently reissued autobiography Steps Along Hope Street (DLT: 2013). He died in 2005.
ISBNs: 9780232530988 978-0-232-53098-8 Title: built as a city