Heart Speaks to Heart

The Salesian Tradition

Traditions of Christian Spirituality

Wendy M. Wright

978 0 232 52385 0
Paperback |144 pp |216 x 135 mm
Price: £9.95

Beautifully introduces a readily recognizably spiritual sensibility, which influenced Christians over many centuries, and has the power to inspire Christians today. Heart Speaks to Heart beautifully introduces the Salesian tradition as a whole, and it emerges as one of the warmest and most sympathetic strands in the story of Christian spirituality. The vision of its charismatic founders, Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal, of a world of conjoined human and divine hearts, came to define a diffuse but readily recognisable spiritual sensibility. As Wendy Wright shows, it is a tradition of lay participation and spiritual vitality with a particular relevance and power to inspire Christians today.

ISBNs: 9780232523850 978-0-232-52385-0 Title: heart speaks to heart