Faith Beyond Resentment

Fragments Catholic and Gay

James Alison

978 0 232 52411 6
Paperback |256 pp |216 x 135 mm
Price: £22.00

A stunningly original re-imagining of the Catholic faith by one of the most lucid and exciting theologians writing in English today. Widely acclaimed for his work examining the fundamental themes in Catholic theology, in Faith without Resentment James Alison offers an account of Christianity that is moving, liberating, and deeply personal, yet rooted in Catholic tradition. This is not a book of gay theology but, much more daringly, of Catholic theology from a gay perspective, addressing both those who are not gay and those who are not Catholic, ‘people of whatever background negotiating the world of faith in the time of the collapsing closet’.

ISBNs: 9780232524116 978-0-232-52411-6 Title: faith beyond resentment