Celebrating Difference, Staying Faithful

How to Live in a Multi-Faith World

Andrew Wingate

978 0 232 52532 8
Paperback |192 pp
Price: £14.95

‘Celebrating Difference, Staying Faithful draws on decades of experience, and offers infectious enthusiasm as well as information and insight.’

Helen Reid, Director of Faith to Faith

‘Rooted in firm conviction and a lifetime of open and generous meeting with people of other faiths, Andrew Wingate brings together issues often kept apart - dialogue and evangelism, reconciliation and conversion, spirituality and social action. This book is striking proof of the ability of inter-faith encounter to be a place of renewal for Christian discipleship.’

Michael Ipgrave, Archdeacon of Southwark

‘There are no clear cut answers, but Andrew Wingate gives the reader courage to begin the journey towards deeper communion with people of diverse faiths, and to continue in spite of obstacles along the way. There is profound respect for difference, including differences within the Christian community.’

Kajsa Ahlstrand, Inter-Faith Officer of the Church of Sweden

Celebrating Difference, Staying Faithful is the indispensable guide to living in our multi-religious society for every individual, parish or church community.

It is packed with case studies, examples of best practice, and practical advice based on the author’s own unique experience as teacher and minister in the UK and overseas. It covers mission and inter-faith dialogue, theology and life, prayer and worship, health, education and community issues, and pastoral issues such as inter-faith weddings and conversion. It also includes useful lists of organisations and networks, web-site links and books and multi-media resources.

Andrew Wingate is the Bishop of Leicester’s Advisor in Inter-Faith Relations, Canon Theologian and Director of the St Philip’s Centre for Theology and Ministry in a Multi Faith Society. He is a former Principal of the United College of the Ascension, Selly Oak, Birmingham.
ISBNs: 9780232525328 978-0-232-52532-8 Title: celebrating difference staying faithful