Meanings of Life

Alex Wright

978 0 232 52489 5
Paperback |160 pp |216 x 135 mm
Price: £10.95

'This beautifully-written rendition of a secular spirituality … challenges the need for organised religion.'

Jo Ind, author of Fat is a Spiritual Issue and Memories of Bliss

‘This profoundly thoughtful book is a riveting and original guide to living and flourishing in the modern world.’

Philip Kennedy, Lecturer in Modern Christian Thought, Worcester College, Oxford

‘Moving and evocative, Meanings of Life explores questions at the heart of contemporary spiritual searching, and offers a meaningful spirituality for our times.’

Gordon Lynch, author of Losing My Religion? and After Religion: ‘Generation X’ and the Search for Meaning

Where do we find value and purpose in a world riven by injustice and conflict? What is it that makes life meaningful and cherishable? Is there any more to life than sex and shopping – and, if so, what is it?

We’ve all loved and lost, we’ve all known frustration and fulfilment. Drawing on these experiences in his own life and in contemporary literature and film, Alex Wright shows how through stories and memories we can sometimes catch a glimpse of the mysteries and wonders of the universe. He explores the idea that secular accounts of purpose and value may have more authentic things to say about life’s meaning than ‘religious’ alternatives.

Meanings of Life is a life-affirming and richly-entertaining work of spirituality that will stimulate and delight anyone – whether believer or unbeliever – who has ever stopped to ask ‘what it all means’.

ISBNs: 9780232524895 978-0-232-52489-5 Title: meanings of life