In Search of Julian of Norwich

Sheila Upjohn

978 0 232 51840 5
Paperback |104 pp |198 x 126 mm
Price: £8.95

In Search of Julian of Norwich is a spiritual detective story. Who was Julian? Why has she suddenly become so famous? Why did her writings disappear for centuries? Why is everyone reading them today?

This fascinating illustrated exploration of Julian's world - her city, her century, and her remarkable book, the first written by a woman in English - uncovers the clues to the exciting mystery that is Julian.

Those who have already encountered her through the tantalising short extracts from her writing in the best-selling Enfolded in Love will be delighted that Sheila Upjohn, who made the lively translation, has now included longer passages in this perceptive analysis of Julian's life, her writing and her relevance to the world today. This is the perfect introduction to an extraordinary woman and a major writer.

Sheila Upjohn lives beside the river in Norwich about a mile from the hermitage where Julian wrote her book. She has worked as a journalist and advertising copy-writer. She is the author of All Shall Be Well and Why Julian Now? and her translations of Julian are used in Enfolded in Love and In Love Enclosed (all DLT). She is also the author of a play about Julian: Mind out of Time and of a liberetto on the life of St Walstan.
ISBNs: 9780232518405 978-0-232-51840-5 Title: in search of julian of norwich