The Faith of a Christian

John Austin Baker

978 0 232 51739 2
Paperback |248 pp |216 x 135 mm
Price: £9.95

'Proof may be impossible; but we can still look with an honest eye at the universe around us and at life as we find it to be, use all the powers of thought we may have, and consult the verdict of a conscience as informed as we can achieve, before deciding whether on balance we can with integrity declare, or go on declaring, what faith requires.'

How certain are we of the beliefs on which we rest our faith? Can Christianity endure the scrutiny of historical analysis, modern science and logical thought? What do we really mean when we talk of the truth of the gospels? It is with a refreshing honesty that John Austin Baker invites his readers to explore the basics of Christian belief.

Examining the story of Jesus and the core doctrines of the Christian Creeds, he argues that the Church, rather than needing to dilute these in response to modern thought, has simply failed to draw from them the radical message for all humanity which they demand.

This book will prove invaluable to anyone looking for greater surety in their faith.

John Austin Baker was formerly Bishop of Salisbury and a Chairman of the Church of England's Doctrine Commission.
ISBNs: 9780232517392 978-0-232-51739-2 Title: the faith of a christian