A New Map of the World

Ian Linden

978 0 232 52442 0
Paperback |176 pp |216 x 135 mm
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‘Hugely important. A New Map of the World is a unique combination of theological, economic and practical expertise.’

Rowan Williams

‘This is indeed a new mappa mundi. Linden illuminates globalisation’s dark corners and lays bare the interconnection between economics, politics, crime and fundamentalism.
But his distinct contribution is an ethical dimension that draws on sources as diverse as Amartya Sen and Thomas Aquinas to lay out the imperative of a better life for the world’s poor as well as those who can help bring about such an outcome - those of us living in the rich world. This is a book for students and development practitioners of all ages and opinions. Read it!’

Meghnad Desai, Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE

‘The world is on a trajectory that threatens the security, freedom and human rights of all of us, not just the poor’, writes Ian Linden. ‘Yet we also have an unprecedented opportunity to dismantle the global apartheid of rich and poor, and remove the root causes of war, terrorism, asylum seekers and economic migration.’

We are poised between a dying age of industrial production and the new information and network society, a world as yet uncharted and lacking a shared moral language. A New Map of the World is a not only a brilliant analysis of the state of the world, but of what might justly be said and done about it by individuals, communities and churches as well as by global institutions.

Linden looks honestly at the failures of Christians and Muslims, socialists and radicals, to transform their visions of a just society into reality. He proposes a tentative new blueprint for the future that draws together the case for structural changes with the vital imperative for the formation of individual character.

ISBNs: 9780232524420 978-0-232-52442-0 Title: a new map of the world