Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi

Joseph Gisbey

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‘Joe Gisbey’s interesting and provocative book takes you back into the world of Jesus: a world of religious factions and racial jealousies, of end-time fervour and fanatical terrorism. But it doesn’t leave you there—it brings Jesus’ teaching right back into your here and now. Read on and prepare to be challenged!’

Rev. Dr William Atkinson, Senior Lecturer in Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies, London School of Theology

‘This is Joe’s first book but it will certainly not be the last. Joe has an amazing understanding of Jewish culture and has an outstanding ability to put that into the context of Christ’s ministry. He opens up the journey of Jesus on the earth like no one else that I know. His story is uniquely his and he has been on a journey of faith that enables him to be an outstanding Bible teacher. As he walks through the story of Jesus the rabbi, walk with him and be challenged and inspired. I know that you will see the life of Jesus in a new way and a fresh light.’

Norman Barnes, Founder, Links International

'This is the moment that God has called us to raise up a generation that follows Jesus in every area of their lives. I am certain that this book will both help you and challenge you to be a true disciple of our master. We got to know Joe during his time in Colombia and what greatly impacted us was the passion within his heart for God and in turn God’s loving compassion within him for people. His testimony is an inspiration to us all and shows that it is so worth it, to follow the footsteps of our great master, Jesus!'

Pastor Johanna Castellanos, Leader in the G12 Movement and Misión Charismatic Internacionál, Bogotá Colombia

Has the Christian faith has lost its way because it has cut itself loose from its Hebrew roots?

Faith, love, witness and discipleship – the basic tenets of our faith – come from a world very foreign to the stoic philosophy developed through the early centuries of Christendom to the Church today. Christianity is actually a desert faith, forged through the fires of experience, relationship and a naturally supernatural walk with the Creator of all things. Just as Jesus walked close to his original disciples and believed that they could be like him, we too are called to walk close to our God and like them to ‘turn our world upside down’.

Joseph Gisbey’s Follow steps back in time to the authentic world of Jesus, and demonstrates with a passion that the same adventures we read about in the pages of the book of Acts can be written on the pages of our 21st-Century lives.

Joseph Gisbey is (with his wife Carolina) a founding pastor of Mosaic Community in Bogota, Colombia, and is now assistant leader of Arun Community Church in Littlehampton, West Sussex. He has preached in more than 40 nations.
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