The Dart of Longing Love

Daily Readings from the Cloud of Unknowing

Enfolded in Love

Robert Llewelyn

978 0 232 52553 3
Paperback |80 pp |156 x 105 mm
Price: £3.99

The Dart of Longing Love is a companion volume to the warmly received Enfolded in Love, and seeks to do for the fourteenth century Cloud of Unknowing what the earlier book did for Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love. In its pages will be found the heart of the Cloud, translated into modern English and, it is hoped, all that is needed to help those drawn to the way of contemplative prayer to pursue their calling, supported by the encouragement and wisdom which the Cloud provides. The author of the Cloud is unknown, but the style reveals a lively and vigorous mind, possessing a shrewd knowledge of human nature and a strong sense of humour. The book can be read straight through in one or two sessions, and then taken daily over the period of one or two months for which it is designed. Several passages from contemporary spiritual works are also included to help the modern reader further on the road of which the Cloud speaks. This book is part of the acclaimed Enfloded in Love series of books which presents selections from the spiritual classics in a form suitable for daily reading and meditation.

ISBNs: 9780232525533 978-0-232-52553-3 Title: the dart of longing love