Daring to be Different

Being a Faith Family in a Secular World

Sarah Johnson

978 0 232 52398 0
Paperback |192 pp |234 x 156 mm
Price: £9.95

The decision to bring your family up in any faith can feel like swimming against the tide. Sarah Johnson offers encouragement and practical advice. In this engaging book Sarah Johnson offers encouragement and practical advice for those who want to bring their children up in the Christian faith. Following the liturgical year, from Advent and Christmas through Lent and Easter to Pentecost in the summer, Sarah Johnson shows how faith can help your family rediscover the earth’s seasons, enrich mealtimes, holidays and household chores, and add a touch of magic to grey days. Daring to be Different is an essential read for busy parents wanting lively ways to build faith into daily family life.

ISBNs: 9780232523980 978-0-232-52398-0 Title: daring to be different